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It’s early but I want to show you a little bit of my rescue activity. What does it mean and the way I do it. I rescue cats and I care for them and foster them until they get adopted. When I decided to help cats in need cats I took a huge responsibility. And this responsibility starts every day early in the morning.

Every morning after I wake up I have like 20 minutes for myself, then I already can hear them crying at the door. They know when I am awake and they are calling me to feed them. Right now I have about 20 cats and kittens that I foster until they get adopted. This is the the room where they stay, I have dedicated a room from my house to the cats that I keep in foster. This room. I have to hurry now as they are so eager to eat and I have to clean the room and the boxes after the night. I think I can use a few seconds to drink a little coffee.

Is always difficult to enter the room in the morning as they are so eager to eat and they get out of the room, then they want back in and so on. The room isn’t always so full, let’s say is a maximum number of cats now. It happens sometimes for the room to be empty but this doesn’t last for long. When you see them how they eat you might think they must be so hungry, poor cats, but they aren’t. They have dry food over night, as you can see the bowls are not empty and last evening they ate the same as now. They are just very greedy because when they were strays most of them suffered because they didn’t have enough food. This greed usually goes away in time. Sometimes after they get adopted.

I have to watch each of them, to see how they eat, if they eat enough as some of them have health problems. I also have to give medicines to the ones that need. This cat for example needs antibiotics as she has an urinary infection.

Now that the boxes are clean I have to clean the floor. Is cold and wet outside so I am not going to let the window open.

So now they are fine, they ate, the boxes and the room is clean, treatments were done, so I can continue with my life for a few hours. Yes, I have a private life too, I am not doing cat rescue because I am bored and I don’t have anything else to do. In general women who have cats are seen like single women. I am not single, I have a family and a private life, I actually started the rescue project together with my boyfriend many years ago.

So now I have a few hours to do my other things then in about 6 hours I will have to be back to my foster cats to check on them again, to clean again the boxes.

I am back home now so the first thing that I will do will be to check the cats. Today is easier as I don’t have to go with any of them at the vet. See now they are not that desperate as they know they don’t receive wet food at this hour. So they are all fine. In a few hours they will get their dinner.

You know, in this rescue activity are more people involved. Ok I foster the cats, I feed them, I clean after them, I take them at the vet and I make them treatments. But it would be impossible for me to make the adoptions for example. Some wonderful people work to find these cats homes, they make the home checks and all the paper work, they are the ones who make sure for the cats to find loving families. And I advice you, if you want to make rescue, never do it alone. Always find people and organisations who know already how to do it and the things will work much better.

Now is the dinner time. In the evening they are not as greedy as they are in the morning. Of course after they eat and after I clean again the boxes I have to spend some time with them as they are so eager for attention and for some love.

What I do for them I do it with an open heart, I love to help them and everything that I do for them. Indeed is a huge responsibility but this is what I have decided to do with my free time. I volunteer for them and I am happy to do this. The good part is that I have never time to get bored. All day I have something to do. I think that each of us has a little time to volunteer for a cause. When I started to volunteer for my cause I was thinking – I have a home, I have what to eat, I am healthy and I have everything that I need. I also have some free time that I could use in a good way. I can share a little of my space with some beings who need me. So this is how it all started. I really think that each of us could help and volunteer for a cause. There are so many causes that need help – people, animals, all kind of animals not only cats.

Don’t think this was it for today, as I will visit them one more time much later, before I go to sleep. Now I have to clean again the litters and I can say I am done for today with them.

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