When A Room Is Full Of Cats00:00

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I have finally moved the kittens and their mothers in the official foster room. I chose to keep them separate with the other cats since they got fully vaccinated and I also wanted for them to grow a little.

I have now in my foster care a few feral cats and I couldn’t know what reaction they would have when they would meet the kittens. Most of them are quite grumpy and I didn’t know if they would accept them.

In the first days they were pretty upset as they were accustomed to be silence in the room, nobody was bothering them. Well now things have changed as all day long the kittens are playing and running around. It took them a few days but they accepted the kittens. They are not the happiest but they accept them. But this is just something temporary as they will start getting adopted and each of them will find their happiness with their new families.

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