When Kittens Are Sepparated With Their Mothers Too Soon

This cat was rescued a few months ago together with her kittens. Thankfully her kittens were adopted and I hope she will find her forever loving home soon.

Recently I noticed she has a strange behaviour. She is doing this to my fingers. I worried a little at first but then I relied this tells me a little abut her past. Most probably she was removed from her mother too soon when she was a kitten. Kittens should be kept with the mother cat until they’re about 12 weeks old. Most commonly kittens who are removed too soon from their mothers are sucking wool or other similar fabrics for comfort. Some cats may try to suckle other cats or even their own fur, a habit comparable to that of a human child sucking its thumb.

But she is an adult cat and she is doing this…The question is should I do anything about this? Should I worry? I made a little research and I found as long as this behaviour is not obsessive or harmful then I should not be worried about it. What I can do to help is to offer her a little bit more attention as this may also be her way of asking for more attention.

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